Terms & Conditions

The following sets out the Terms and Conditions of the contract that exists between your family and Learning Curve Nursery Group as a consequence of your having registered your child for a place at our nursery. It is important that you read and clearly understand these prior to your child attending. We aim to make the admission policy and financial procedures as straight forward as possible to avoid confusion and to keep the level of fees as low as we can, commensurate with providing a high level of quality care. Should we be required to amend any of the following details you will be given at least one months’ notice.

Opening Times

The opening hours of the nursery will be as published. The nursery will be closed during all Public and Bank Holidays and for the period between Christmas and New Year. There is no reduction in the monthly fees for these periods of closure as the effects are spread throughout the year.


Fees are payable monthly or under exceptional circumstances weekly, in advance, and are due on or before the first of each month / week. Because of the way in which our accounting procedures operate, late fees will be subject to a £10.00 administration charge. Similarly, returned cheques will incur a £20.00 administration charge. Late collections of children will be charged at £10.00. After 30 days any outstanding fees will be passed onto a Collections Agency. As well as any outstanding fees you will become liable for any costs incurred and interest will be charged at a rate of 5% per month as long as the account remains unpaid. If necessary, court action will follow to recoup any money owed with the addition of any court costs. Your nursery place will also be suspended awaiting payment.

Full fees are payable during holiday and sickness.

Fees are paid by cheque, cash or standing order. Cheques should be made payable to “Learning Curve Ltd”. Details regarding the Standing Orders are available upon request.


A completed registration form should accompany all applications for a nursery place, along with a copy of the Terms and Conditions signed by the parent, and a non-returnable £25.00 registration fee. When the nursery has received these you will either be allocated a place on the waiting list or offered a place. Once offered a place you will be required to confirm acceptance and send a deposit equivalent to one week’s fees. The deposit will be returned to you when your child leaves the nursery, provided that the Terms and Conditions have been met and that there are no fees outstanding. Those parents registering their baby prior to the birth need not forward the registration fee until after the baby’s birth.

Should a parent decide against taking up a place once confirmation of a start date has been offered by the nursery, then the deposit will be forfeit.

One months’ notice, in writing, is required to withdraw a child from the nursery or reduce the number of sessions to be attended, otherwise fees will be payable in lieu of notice. These timescales are necessary to ensure that adequate notice can be given to those parents who remain on the waiting list.

Safety and Security

In order to protect your children throughout the day we have a very stringent security procedure that prevents unauthorised access to the nursery. Please assist staff in implementing this by closing and securing the door behind you and by not opening the door for other “parents”. Nursery staff are instructed not to release your child to anyone other than those listed on your child’s “All about me” form. Should it be necessary for your child to be collected by someone not on the list, in the event of an emergency, then you must contact the Nursery Manager and inform her as soon as possible.

Sickness and Medication

At the nursery we work very hard to reduce the spread of illnesses and infections, to help us please do not bring your child to the nursery if they are unwell. A copy of the incubation and exclusion periods for the common childhood illnesses is available in the nursery for your information. Please help us to reduce the spread of illness in the nursery by not returning your child to the nursery before the end of the recommended exclusion time. Should your child become unwell during the day, we shall contact you to advise you of the problem and ask you to collect your child if necessary. We fully understand the demands placed on working parents but we ask that you try to come as soon as possible after requested, as we shall only ask if absolutely necessary.

If your child is unable to attend, please telephone the nursery as soon as possible, to advise of the problem.

The nursery is permitted to administer certain prescribed medicines to children, for example inhalers or other similar regular courses of treatment. Should your child be prescribed a regular medication or treatment, then please inform the Nursery Manager at the earliest opportunity. There is a comprehensive administration of medicines procedure in place for staff to follow. Parents whose children are prescribed medicines may wish to make themselves aware of the procedure that the staff will follow and the Nursery Manager will make a copy of the procedure available on request.