Lower Pre-School

lower pre-school room

The ‘Lower Pre-School’ follows on from our ‘Toddler Unit’. The ‘Lower Pre-School’ follows all the same curricula framework as the children in the ‘Pre-School Room’ and children are assigned a key worker to help unlock your child’s full potential. The ‘Lower Pre-School’ environment provides your child with opportunities where your child can explore how and why things happen (cause and effect) such as filling, emptying, floating, sinking and balancing.

Alongside the continuous provision early years educators tailor an individual educational programme completely individual to your child’s age and stage of development, interests and preferred learning styles Some children prefer to watch others before having a go themselves and others naturally have a ‘can do’ attitude to tasks and learning. Whatever your child’s personality or learning needs our educators will able them to learn at their own pace and will encourage their confidence and independence. Educators within the ‘Lower Pre-School’ plan a number of focused activities, which are carried out one to one and in groups to promote interaction. Individual targets are set by educators to help your child progress in their development at the correct level based on the Department of Education ‘Early Years Outcomes’ curriculum.

We also have extra curricula activities in which your child can participate in, such as; Football sessions, Music Lessons, Dance Lessons and Soft Play sessions. All these classes help to promote your child’s development one step further.

Our aim is to establish a routine that will aid learning and develop the whole child within a secure and consistent environment.