Shepherd Lodge Newsletter September 2018


Our pre-school children will be taking part in our harvest service on the 4th October at St Annes Parish Church (If your child does not normally attend a Monday session please meet at the parish church for 2:15pm). The service will begin at 2:30pm and will last around 20 minutes. We ask parents to be getting to the church no later than 2:15 to allow the pre-school team time to get the children ready and in position for the service to start. We are asking all parents to bring their children in farmer style outfits e.g. shirt, wellies, straw hat for the service.

Harvest Collection

As part of our harvest celebration we will be collecting different foods to take to church with us on the 4th October. There will be a collection point in each room as each room will be celebrating the harvest festival We will be collecting foods such as tinned food, packets and sauces. Unfortunately we cannot take fresh foods to the church. Any donations will be appreciated.

Vegetable People Competition

Keeping in with the theme of harvest we are holding a make your own vegetable people competition. We are inviting all children to take part at home by picking out their favourite fruit or vegetable and transforming it into a vegetable person. All entries must be in by the 4th October where we will judge the winner at our harvest service. Here are some pictures for inspiration, good luck everyone.

Jeans For Geans Day

Jeans for Genes day 2018 will be on Friday 21st September. We will be fundraising throughout the day and we will be inviting the children to come in in their jeans.

Holiday Club

We our now taking bookings for our October Holiday club. If you would like to book a space for you child please contact the holiday club admin on 01253 781921 or alternately email

Pre-school school readiness nights with Emily

Emily our pre-school teacher has planned 4 evening sessions for parents to come along to learn about school readiness and the early year curriculum. During these sessions Emily will be talking through the different areas of development that we focus on in the pre-school and also how this type of learning will continue up to reception age. She will be providing parents with lots of activity packs for these areas so that parents can do these at home. The 4 nights we have planned are:

• Thursday 20th September 6pm – Letters and sounds
• Thursday 4th October 6pm – Reading
• Thursday 11th October 6pm – Pre-school Writing
• Thursday 25th October 6pm – Maths

If you would like to attend any of these sessions, please pop your name down on the attendance list located on the pre-school door.

Reminder – Allergies

We would like to remind all parents to please refrain from brining in juice or food into nursery due to some children having sever allergies. This helps us to monitor and ensure that all the rooms are safe at all times for all children. All our rooms have water, homemade fruit flavoured water and fruit/snacks available throughout the day. If you have any queries please speak to either Becca or Lynsey in the office.


We have now teamed up with Tesco for our nursery uniform. If you would like to purchase nursery uniform, please use the link provided There is a range of pre-school supplies you can purchase from nursery t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and skirts to nursery bags all with our nursery logo on.

Nursery Fees

Please can I remind all parents that nursery fees are to be paid on the 1st of each month for that month, please can you ensure that your standing orders and vouchers are set up for this date thank you.

Nursery Opening Hours

Please can we remind parents that are opening times are from 8am to 6pm for a full day session, 8am-1pm for our morning session and 1pm-6pm for r afternoon sessions, please could all parents ensure they are sticking to these times. This is to ensure the correct ratios are kept to at all times. There will be a late fee charge of £10 after these times. Please speak to Becca or Lynsey if you have any queries.

Dates For Your Diary

20th September

School readiness evening with Emily – Letters and Sounds

21st September Jeans for Genes Day
4th October Pre-School Harvest Festival 2:30pm -3:00pm (children to be brought to the church at 2pm for a 2.30pm start)
4th October School readiness evening with Emily – Letters and Sounds
11th October School readiness evening with Emily – Letters and Sounds
25th October School readiness evening with Emily – Letters and Sounds
31st October Halloween
15th November Parents Evening
16th November Children In Need
10th December Christmas Bazaar 5:00pm-8:00pm at Fylde Scout activity centre Heyhouses lane.
14th December Christmas Jumper Day
17th December Pre-School Nativity 2:30pm-3:00pm (Children to be brought to the church at 2pm for a 2.30pm start)
24th December Nursery closes at 18:00 for the Christmas period.
2nd January Nursery reopens at 08:00.

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