Lytham Lodge Newsletter August 2019

Pre-school Leavers

It’s a sad time of year where we have to say goodbye to our first pre-school graduates of Lytham Lodge. All the staff at Lytham Lodge would like to wish all our graduates a big good luck ready for big school. We have made some wonderful memories that we will never forget. Don’t forget to come and visit, you can still get updates through our nursery Facebook page and our website for our nursery events such as our summer and Christmas fairs. Goodbye and good luck class 2019.


Over august we are having aerobic sessions, with our aerobics instructor Wendy. By having these sessions it supports the children’s development. Wendy creates her sessions to link to all areas of the children development. A key concept of these sessions is to improve children’s understanding of different exercises and keeping there bodies healthy. Each week Wendy adapts the sessions to children interest and key next steps they are trying to achieve.

New Nursery Developments

This week the baby and toddler outdoor decking area and garden was opened. The decking allows the children to free flow and provides space for the children to learn and play in an outdoor environment in all weathers. Additionally the new garden area provides a great open space for outdoor learning and fun. We aim for our decking to also be a space that allows children to sleep outdoors in a safe space.

Lytham Hall- Our Community

We have been continuing our walks to Lytham Hall and integrating with the community. They have recently opened the pig sties to the public where they have adopted four pigs and two rabbits. The children have loved so much saying hello to them on our adventures. The children have been practicing there oinks. We will continue to ensure we visit them weekly and get regular updates.


We are currently collecting items for our role play area such as metal teapots, metal jugs, hats and handbags. To support children’s imaginative play and communication.

Dates To Remember

7th – Parents Evening
26th – Summer Bank Holiday

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