Butterfly Lodge Newsletter May 2019

Chicken News

As you will all be aware our baby chicks have grown so much, they are old enough to now play out in the garden. We are not experts, but we do believe we have two cockerels, and so we need to find them a home. Please see Tracie or Shauna if you know of someone who will love them like we do!!!

Beautiful Butterflies Arriving Soon

We are very excited to say we are waiting for some ‘very hungry caterpillars’ to arrive and we hope to grow them into ‘beautiful butterflies.

Water Fun! Parents Can You Help?

We are also having lots of fun in the garden with water play and need some more bottles and funnels to add to our collection. (Recycling is good for the planet too). We are happy for the children to play without shoes or socks whilst engaging in water play but would welcome wellington boots too, as we only have a few spares.

Summer Time

Each month each room will have a monthly theme, more information on this can be found on our parents notice board in the front entrance. The staff are speaking with the children in their rooms and discussing interests and early learning goals. This month the themes will be:

  • Babies – bonding
  • Toddlers – Mini beasts starting with ‘Caterpillars’
  • Lower- preschool – Manners and Mark Making
  • Pre-school – life cycles, Letters and Sounds and 3d shapes.

Every room has lots of plans to keep all the children happy and busy. Please look at the themes for each room and share stories relating to them on tapestry.

Please Remember…

Nursery opens at 8:00am and we cannot allow children in the building earlier than this. We also close at 6:00pm and are happy to give feedback but if you arrive at 6:00pm it will be short and sweet. This is due to our insurance, as it covers children in the building during opening hours only.

Dates To Remember

5th – Ramadan Starts
6th – Bank Holiday (nursery Closed)
27th – Bank Holiday (nursery Closed)

16th – Father’s Day
29th – Lytham Club Day

20th – Summer Fair & Pre-school Graduation

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