Lytham Lodge Newsletter April 2019

Nursery Developments

The nursery is coming on so well and big changes are continuing to happen. This month we hope that the baby room will have their brand new outdoor roof to enable further developments on their new outdoor area. Furthermore we are getting our toddler room ready, once ready this will be used for our 2-3s while we develop the 2-3’s new corridor and final touches too.

Parents Evening

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents that made it to parents evening. We really enjoy sharing all your child’s learning experiences with you and all the fun learning opportunities they have had at nursery. We can’t wait to watch our parents evenings getting bigger each term.

Forest Schools

During out forest schools sessions this month we have been very lucky to have had two opportunities to engage in a camp fire. We learnt all about fire safety and the special golden rules. At the fire we enjoyed toasting marshmallows, heating up hot chocolate and tasting popcorn popped on the camp fire too. We really enjoyed listening to the popcorn popping and how it changed shape.


We are so excited to hatch our first ever chickens here at Lytham Lodge. The children have the opportunity to observe the eggs over 21 days within the incubator. This is such an amazing experience for all the children to have and supports their learning too. This experience will help children expand their communication and understanding of growth and development. During the process the children will engage in a range of activities such a learning about the chicken life cycle, making recordings of the eggs and once hatched learn about to care for them.

School Admissions

On the 16th April you will find out which school your child has been excepted for to start September 2019. We wish all our families good luck. Once you find out which school your child is attending then please can you let us know to enable us to discuss this with your children further and include into our learning.


This month we are collecting old children’s wellies. As the weather gets warmer we are go-ing to be adding lots of lovely enhancements to the nursery garden one of the enhance-ments we would like to do is have flower wellies.

Dates To Remember

19th Good Friday (nursery closed)
21st Easter Sunday
22nd Easter Monday (nursery closed)

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