Lytham Lodge Newsletter February 2019

Nursery Plans / Holiday Club

Nursery developments are occurring very quickly. Our new Baby room will be ready mid-February and we are going to move all our 0-2 year olds to the new room. We can’t wait to launch the new room to all our families. From there on holiday club will then be utilising their previous space for the February half term. Once holiday club is complete, our 2-3 year olds with move into that room. We are so excited to begin to run on a three room basis. Our nursery will then continue to be developed next room will be the new toddler room.


Here at Lytham lodge our planning supports children’s development at a high level. We use the children’s interests, key next steps and things happening with the community to input into our planning. We do this to ensure it follows what the children are interested in to keep them engaged which will help them to learn. This month a key interest has been space and numbers. From this the children have become interested in shapes in their outdoor environment and reflections from learning about the moon covering the sun.

Physical Education

We have recently been having visits from our sister nurseries Clifton Lodge and Shepherd Lodge by the children and their sports development officers. We have enjoyed making new friends but we have really enjoyed engaging in physical activities with our high knowledge sports development officers. We have been doing sports at Park View and in our garden too. We can’t wait to carry on developing our physical education.

Tapestry Guide For Parents

Now tapestry is up and running we would like parents to begin adding their own entries to support our parent partnership. Adding an entry to your child’s Learning Journey on the app you need to log in then choose the ‘Add Observation’ option (or the ‘plus’ icon on your Phone). Then select your child, then click on the notes icon and fill in the title box and then the observation section. If you would like to add any photos or videos select the photo icon and choose whether to capture a moment at that time or choose something from your camera library then click save. Then your child’s keyworker will be able to see any wow moments or fun week-ends. If you would like any further support then please don’t hesitate to ask.


This month we are collecting curious objects for example things from the past, objects that can be used in various ways or objects found in nature. These objects will be used within our curiosity suitcase which we are going to implement with the children each week with various objects. The aim is to promote speech and language, imagination and curiosity.

Dates To Remember


5th – Chinese new year – Year of the pig
14th – Valentine’s Day

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