baby room

In the baby room we understand that starting nursery is a big step for you and your baby. We believe that children benefit the most when parents/carers work together in partnership to ensure quality of care and learning for the children. It is important that we are able to support parents with the transition to nursery.

We highly value the importance of ensuring that your child feels safe and secure at nursery, we therefore take measures to aid the “settling in” process.

One way in which we do this is by offering “settling in sessions” which you and your baby can attend before your baby is due to start at nursery. Settling in sessions are a great time for children to become familiar with the nursery environment and also gives parents the opportunity to gather as much information as they would like to know about our nursery and the baby unit. Settling in sessions provide a time for your baby and the staff in the room to build a bond with one another. This helps to make the transition to nursery smooth and swift.

We also offer home visits, where your baby’s key worker will visit you and your baby at home, and spend time playing and getting to know your baby further. Home visits allow your baby to become familiar with their key worker, and this in turn means that there is always a familiar face for you and your baby when you arrive at nursery.

We believe that if your child is settled then they can get the most out of their time at nursery.